July 29, 2021

ATTN: Department of Human Resources

Dear Recruiting Personnel of Prospective Employer,

As a seasoned graphic designer, I recognize upholding the image of an academic institution is of paramount importance. All channels of communication must resonate positively with the public and be upheld with professionalism and transparency.

Thus, upon learning of the vacant position of graphic designer and after thoroughly reviewing the requirements of this vital role, I politely request the recruiting personnel of the prospective employer to consider appointing me this position.

Being a practitioner in multiple facets of the marketing industry has given me monumental insight on how to present information concisely. Students, staff, faculty, parents and the general public will comprehend my graphical communications effortlessly.

I possess an extensive amount of expertise in industry standard programs, social media platforms and content management systems, which include Adobe Creative Cloud Suite, Affinity Professional Creative Software, Final Cut Pro, WordPress, Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and many others.

I have also expanded on my skill set by investing time in educating myself on federal communication principles and guidelines, mainly Plain Language Action and Information Network (PLAIN), Government Publishing Office (GPO) Style Manual and U.S. Web Design Systems.

With confidence, I proclaim that entrusting me with the school's graphical communications—be it a monthly newsletter, additional webpage, signage, or any type of traditional or digital media—shall transpire into a pleasant experience both on and off campus.

Should I be assigned the role of graphic designer for a prospective employer, I assure the recruiting committee that I will uphold the image of the school to the absolute best of my ability, with honor and sincere dedication.

With great regard,

Alfredo R. Pereyra